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Welcome! It has been my great honor and privilege to be the official photographer for Wolf Haven International since 1998. My wolf photos have appeared in magazines, newspapers and other publications (including Robert Busch's revised Wolf Almanac) worldwide. My wolf photos are also displayed in a selection of art venues. For more information on me, the artist, also known as Julie Lawrence Studios and Kitty MultiMedia, please visit my web site.

For more information on Wolf Haven, visit the organization's official web site at www.WolfHaven.org

Please feel free to browse and/or purchase my archival fine art photographic prints, signed by the artist (me!). A portion of proceeds from the sale of all wolf photos is donated to Wolf Haven International. Orders are placed easily and securely using your shopping cart.

These prints are not matted, mounted or framed and buyers are not permitted to use them for resale. Please note: when you add an item to your shopping cart, you will be given a cropping option... please disregard this, as it does not affect your print order in any way (cropping is done by me, the photographer).

Thank you!
Adult-female-gray-02 [Mehina]Juvenile-male-gray [Shadow]Adult-female-gray [Siri]Adult-male-gray [Bart]Adult-female-gray standing [Miwok]Adult-female-gray-08 [Miwok]Adult-female-gray-15 [Jinkies]Juveniles-male-female-gray-play [Cricket & Spruce]Adult-male-gray-06 [Bart]Adult-female-Mexican-gray [Gypsy]Adult-female-gray-01 [Teka]Adult-female-gray-11 [Bart]Adult-female-gray-13 [Jinkies]Juvenile-male-gray [Shadow]Adult-female-gray-07 [Tonkawa]Adult-male-gray [Myta Jr]Adult-female-gray-17 [Jessie]Adult-male-gray-07 [Spruce]